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Alexa, what do you think of the smart home?

Alexa, what do you think of the smart home?

Customers in Italy are increasingly passionate about Smart home. Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant, has been invoked hundreds of millions of times in the past year for home activities like showing a recipe, turning on the lights or playing a song.

Amazon Alexa: 45 million timers set in the past twelve months

“Amazon introduced Alexa and Echo devices to Italy on October 23, 2018, and customer response has been outstanding since launch.” he claims Gianmaria Visconti, Alexa Country Manager in Italy. “The use of smart home solutions through Alexa’s voice control was particularly appreciated. In fact, we have noticed that the level of adoption by customers in Italy of home automation products that can be managed with Alexa is among the highest in the world. In fact, more and more devices can be controlled through Alexa. Such as thermostats, shutters, light bulbs, smart sockets and many others “.

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In 2020, customers in Italy used Alexa nearly 2 million times for their recipes and video recipes by setting tens of millions of timers to carry out their household tasks. In the past twelve months they have also been added approx 3 million products on the shopping lists.

Customers in Italy also immediately appreciated Alexa’s entertainment-related features. To brighten your moments at home, during the last twelve months, they asked Alexa to play music for a total of 13,000 years of uninterrupted listening.

Customers in the Bel Paese also interact on average 2 million times a day with Alexa to manage the lighting of their homes. Worldwide customers have at their disposal tens of millions of smart home devices connected with Alexa and hundreds of thousands of developers and device makers are building new Alexa experiences.

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In Italy, almost 500 Skills for Alexa have been created

Since Alexa’s arrival in Italy, Italian developers have made 466 Skill for Alexa dedicated to the Smart Home. The response of third-party developers in our country is confirmed as positive with a community that to date exceeds 50,000 members.

In addition, today in the world they are More than 100,000 smart home products available that can be controlled through Alexa, offered by over 9,500 brands. In Italy the variety of products available extends from smart thermostats such as Homix by Enel Xwhich becomes a complete solution for the home, to products for interacting with one’s home such as those of Bticino. From the smart speakers of Are S And Bose to smart bulbs of Philips Hue or TP-Linkfrom the cameras Blink to the video door phones Ring.

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Alexa and Amazon’s Echo devices thus increasingly become the fulcrum of the Smart Home and facilitate the management of home automation within the home. Allowing you to control all compatible products simply through your voice, but also to set up daily routines and activities.