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Alexa lands on BMW: upgrade for all vehicles with BMW ID 7

Alexa lands on BMW: upgrade for all vehicles with BMW ID 7

With a recent update of the BMW ID 7, the car brand has also opened the doors of its cars to the voice assistant Amazon. The upgrade, thanks to which Alexa lands on BMW, has affected more than a million BMW vehicles, and the arrival of the voice assistant took place in four different markets.

Alexa lands on BMW in four other countries around the world

With the operation BMW Remote Software Upgradethe well-known car company has released the latest update of its operating system BMW ID 7. The upgrade, which involves the transition to Version 21-03it will affect 1.3 million vehicles for over twenty models around the world. The roll out has already begun in Germany from 1 June, and will continue in all BMW Connected Drive markets. Among the new features there is also the integration of Amazon Alexa, which will be available for four additional countries. This will allow drivers to perform operations such as adding items to the shopping list, checking news, playing music or connecting compatible smart devices. Compatibility with Alexa is already active in Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Spain and Italy. The update includes integration with France, USA, Canada and Brazil.

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The other news of the update

The navigation system BMW Maps, released in mid-2020, has met with no small success among BMW customers. Thanks to the update, the system will be entirely cloud-based. This will make routing faster and more dynamic by combining real-time information with pre-set templates. The cloud will also be useful in showing points of interest, opening / closing times of activities and recent images of the places concerned. The database features constant weekly updates, making the system constantly up to date. System integration BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant has made using BMW Maps even easier and more intuitive. The operating system update also implemented the correction of several bugs, such as the one affecting media playback via Android devices via Bluetooth. The installation of the upgrades takes place remotely in a very fast way (the operation rarely exceeds 20 minutes). Vehicles produced after March 2021 do not need to carry out any updates, as they are already prepared for the latest version. You will be able to check the status of updates from the app My BMW.