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Alexa, Lamborghini Huracàn Evo and Rivian welcome the Amazon assistant

Alexa, Lamborghini Huracàn Evo and Rivian welcome the Amazon assistant

Amazon Alexa and Lamborghini they are not two names that easily come to mind to associate.
The Casa di Sant’Agata after the launch of the Urus is experiencing a period of great satisfactionboth in sales and in product quality.
The rival of the Google Assistant instead it is greatly diversifying its presence on different devices and markets.

Not only Amazon Echo Dot and Fire TV Sticktherefore, but for some time, in fact, Alexa is also available on several cars.
In Italy we saw it on Seat Aronathe first car to provide its presence on the market, but many other manufacturers have given it a chance, including Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Toyotaespecially on the American market.
To these accessories manufacturers such as Anker, Aukey and others will soon be added, as well as manufacturers such as Rivian and… Lamborghini!

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Alexa on Rivians: a partnership that goes beyond the voice assistant

The first house that has formalized the presence of Alexa on its models is Rivian, and we would say “God forbid”. Because?
As we have already told you, in fact, Rivian is a Californian car manufacturer that Amazon bought some shares of last year.
The use on the electrified models of the House is then automatic, the R1S SUV and the R1T pickupof the Seattle company system.

There will also be the Alexa system on another very important model for the American house, namely the Electric van produced just for Amazon.

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As we have told you in recent months, in fact, Amazon has decided to invest and commission Rivian to build approximately 100,000 electric vansto be deployed to enhance and make the Prime service greener.

These vans will of course be equipped with a very advanced infotaimnentand as you can imagine, the assistant of the company they will work for will not be missing.
Both the electric van (still without an official name) and the two new zero-emission models from Rivian will see the light in 2020and will be equipped from the outset with a infotelematic system capable of rivaling that of compatriot Teslawhich as we know does not use Alexa or Android Auto or Apple Car Play, but uses a proprietary operating system.

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Alexa on Lamborghini Huracàn Evo: voice commands at 300 per hour!

Rivian isn’t the only builder though which finalized the agreement with Amazon.
There is, in fact, another very different House from Rivian that has decided to allow its customers to interface with Alexa: Lamborghini.

The House of Sant’Agata Bolognese, in fact, decided to equip the recently updated Huracàn Evo with a new infotainment system.
If before, in fact, the solution of having the digital dashboard that also served as a multimedia system screen was taken from the R8, with the debut of the Evo version a new 8.4-inch vertically developing screen.
This new system has brought a breath of fresh air and made the Huracàn Evo one of the most technologically advanced super sports cars on the market.

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A new step comes with theadoption of Alexa within the infotaiment systemcapable not only of playing music and receiving traffic information, but also of talk to the car and change settings such as cabin temperature, lighting and others.

Lamborghini is the first company that manages to implement Amazon Alexa up to this level, which is how it can answer your questions even at 325 km / h!

Echo Auto, the Amazon Alexa aftermarket!

Obviously, however, these implementations are only aimed at new cars. What if I want Alexa in my older car?

Amazon thought about this too, and presented Amazon Echo Auto, a new aftermarket system capable of bring Amazon Echo even in your car.
This new Echo Auto attaches to the air conditioning vents and connects to the car via cBluetooth connection or via AUX cable.
This device it does not have a screenhas instead 5 microphones and is able to play music, driving directions or news from the car speakers, and if it is connected to a car without Bluetooth it is able to add the possibility of calling wirelessly.

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However, the Echo Auto will not be the only product capable of bringing Alexa into the car.
Amazon has indeed revealed that it has started a partnership with companies such as Aukey, Garmin and Nextbase for create devices with integrated Alexa for use in your own car.

Alexa and Lamborghini, but also Alexa and Seat, Alexa and Rivian, Alexa and …

The arrival of Amazon Alexa in more and more cars is a very interesting phenomenonwhich opens up different scenarios.
In fact, in recent years there has been a real one invasion of voice assistance systemsfrom the Google Assistant to Alexa, via Siri.
These in fact are becoming part of everyday life of more and more people, and one place where they could be really useful is the automotive world.
The ability to control music, navigation, and even car parameters by just using your voice drastically decreases the chances of distraction on the part of the driver, who can thus take care exclusively of driving.

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Many houses are following this trend trying to launch their voice assistantsuch as Mercedes or BMW, but these systems can be perfected only thanks to a use that is as numerous and widespread as possible.
Artificial intelligence, in fact, learns from its mistakesand is capable of improving only through the use of as many people as possible.
For these reasons it is clear why many manufacturers rely on third parties for their voice commands.
A system as widespread as Alexa is certainly able to respond in a more “realistic” and human way to user requests.
Over the next few years we will see more and more refinement of voice assistants, and we will see increasing integration between voice assistants and cars.