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Alexa is ready for the kick-off of the European Football Championship

Alexa is ready for the kick-off of the European Football Championship

The European football championships are about to start and Alexa is ready to join the Italian fans on Italy’s path to the final of the tournament with many features to entertain and inform customers. Alexa is the ideal friend to follow the national team with.

Alexa will be the perfect assistant for the European Football Championship

Alexa thanks to its functionalities, it is the ideal assistant to always be organized, even for the European Football Championships. Saying “Alexa, set a reminder for the next Italy match” will automatically set the reminder for the match and 5 minutes before kick-off will cheer for the Italian national team, in order to get customers in the right spirit.

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Alexa will also give all important information and updates on the tournament. Saying “Alexa, who plays in the European Championships today?” Will provide the schedule of matches scheduled for the day. And if you can’t follow a match, you can always ask “Alexa, what is Italy Turkey’s score?” for know the final result. Additionally, Alexa will summarize all relevant competition news – just ask, “Alexa, what’s the latest update from the Europeans?”

When the game ends, Alexa has more surprises in store. Just as every Italian becomes a football manager when Italy plays in international cups, so does Alexa. After the final whistle, customers will be able to say “Alexa, comment on Italy” to get his opinion on the Azzurri match and get to know the score Alexa will assign to each player’s performance.

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The quiz dedicated to fans

There is also another competition for Alexa customers to follow. Starting from 11 June, in fact, it will be possible to take the field and play your own match. By saying “Alexa, let’s play the European Football Championship quiz” customers can access the daily quiz which allows them to compete in a European challenge, supporting your country. By playing every day and providing the right answers, the customers will contribute to the general classification of their national team. They will therefore need to brush up on their football knowledge to win the match!

Finally, for those who are not too passionate about football, Alexa has prepared a special test to get to know the Azzurri team better. “Alexa, what player am I?” it’s a fun personality test that will match the personality of the customers to that of one of the best players of the Italian national team.