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Alexa improves deductive answers and gets even smarter

Alexa improves deductive answers and gets even smarter

Amazon announced that Alexa is now able to infer a user’s “latent goals” and use them in their answers to ask additional questions in an intelligent way. For now, the new feature is only available to US users, but these are just the first steps of the new feature.

Amazon Alexa gets even smarter in its responses

Alexa’s improved Artificial Intelligence will allow, for example, to ask how long it takes to cook a boiled egg and the voice assistant, as well as respond with cooking time, will ask if you want to set a timer. According to Amazon, the update provides algorithmic changes and a deep learning model that will enable the device to evolve based on its relationship with the user. If you ask Alexa how to cook eggs every morning and always choose to set the timer, Alexa will use active learning to improve her predictions and conclude more accurately whether or not you want to know when the cooking time is up.

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“Amazon’s goal for Alexa is for customers to find interacting with her as natural as interacting with another human being.” says the company on its blog.

This AI-based process is far from simple. In early prototypes, Alexa’s deductions weren’t clever at all. To decrease unwanted suggestions, Amazon uses deep learning which takes into account the context of the conversation and is active type: improves and changes over timedepending on the user’s habits.

For now, the feature is only available in English for US users and there is no news of its arrival in the Old Continent.