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Alexa, call Santa!

Alexa, call Santa!

Five ways to get the Christmas mood with Alexa’s new features. From calls to Santa for the little ones, to an interactive story with riddles for the older ones. During the holiday season, Alexa thought of many ideas and activities to cheer up the whole month of December.

The new Alexa features designed for Christmas

From today it is possible to experience some new Alexa Christmas functions for young and old, to experience the atmosphere of Christmas thanks to the voice assistant.

Advent Calendar

From today until December 25th, it will be possible open the advent calendar boxes with Alexa. A different surprise every day: jokes, duets with Santa Claus, Christmas stories, up to a new Skill to experiment and the discovery of some free audiobooks and podcasts offered by Audible. Just say “Alexa, what’s on the advent calendar”.

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Xmas Countdown

The wait for Christmas Day can be long. Each day customers will be able to ask “Alexa, how long is Christmas?” and, if they want, they can activate the option to receive the answer directly from Santa Claus.

Interactive story

Helping Santa find his red suit is the challenge customers will face as they play the interactive Christmas story. It will be enough solve some little riddles to complete the mission. When the mission is complete, it will be possible to hear a duet of Alexa and Santa Claus. To play, just say “Alexa, let the Christmas adventure begin”.

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Functionality for children

Amazon has also thought of two features dedicated to the little ones. Children who want to follow the long journey of Santa Claus, every day until December 26, will be able to activate the Santa Tracker, asking “Alexa, where is Santa Claus?” and Alexa, through a dedicated Skill for children, created in collaboration with 22HDBG, will pass the word to Santa Claus who will respond with funny anecdotes and Christmas curiosities. The children can also try to call Santa Claus by saying “Alexa, call Santa“. Obviously Santa will not be reachable because he is busy, but he will have left a funny Christmas-themed message on the answering machine.

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The new Christmas features can be used across all Alexa-enabled devices and the full range of Echo devices, expanded this year with the 4th generation of Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Dot with clockincluding the very latest limited edition echo (RED) made in collaboration with the No Profit (RED).