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Alexa becomes a sommelier with the Perfect Wine skill

Alexa becomes a sommelier with the Perfect Wine skill

Alexa can take an immediate course in oenology and become a excellent sommelier (or at least the best that artificial intelligence offers) thanks to the skill Perfect Wine. The application allows you to choose the right combinations with food, enhancing both.

Alexa and the new Perfect Wine skill

From North to South, Italy is full of quality vines and wineries, so much so that we have a variety of wines unmatched in the world. To fully enjoy them, however, you need to accompany the tasting with the right food. And vice versa: the Mediterranean diet becomes even tastier with the right paired wine.

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The new Alexa skill Perfect wine recommends the best labels from wineries such as Marchesi Frescobaldi, Marchesi Antinori and Terra Moretti. A digital expert ready to suggest how to delight your palate. From very tannic reds to the sweetest of whites, you can always find the perfect bottle for your tastes and your food and wine needs.

Just say “Alexa, open Perfect Wine”To guide you in choosing the perfect bottle, with the right suggestions for every occasion. From an aperitif with friends to the most elegant dinner. Furthermore, the combination is not all it will depend on tastes but also on the price of the label: you can find the most suitable solution for all budgets. Alexa will then show all the information about the bottle on the Echo Show screen, or on the Alexa app or via email. The more experienced you become, the more complex the requests will be. For instance “Alexa, recommend a wine for a romantic dinner for a maximum of twenty euros“.

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If at the convenience of this new skill, adding the many features of Amazon Prime, including free shipping, you can order the right wine just in case and combine it with the right dish. Just ask Alexa, your new trusted sommelier, for advice.