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Alexa: 1700 audio files sent from Amazon to the wrong person

Alexa: 1700 audio files sent from Amazon to the wrong person

Anyone who owns a voice assistant like Alexa he probably uses it for many aspects of his life, since play music, atset reminders, until checking connected objects in the house. The records of the various data commands are kept by Amazon, and are available to the user in a kind of chronology, which can be viewed and modified if desired.

But what if someone else accidentally accessed this collection of recordings? This is exactly what happened in Germany, where an Amazon user, after requesting the download of his data from the e-commerce site, discovered that he also had access to 1,700 Alexa recordings of another person.

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How much about you 1,700 Alexa audio files

After contacting Amazon in vain, which simply limited itself to delete files from server, the user heard the experts of C’t, who have listened to the audio to try to identify their ‘owner’ and warn him of the vulnerability. Through information such as i names personally used and the required weather forecasts, it was possible to identify the unfortunate user very quickly, who had not been informed by Amazon of the security flaw until then.

Yesterday Amazon finally released the following statement: “It was an unfortunate case of human error, and an isolated incident. We sorted this out with both users involved, and took steps to further improve our systems . We are also in contact, as a precaution, with the competent regulatory authorities “.

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For now we do not know if other users have been involved in similar incidents, but this case certainly adds a piece in the speech of voice assistants always connected, divided between convenience And safety.