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ALBA Robot selected by Alexa Fund

ALBA Robot selected by Alexa Fund

Moving a wheelchair without hands but simply with the voice, integrating Alexa. C.on his project destined to revolutionize the mobility of people with motor difficulties, the startup I3P ALBA Robot is one of the 7 selected companies. She is the only Italian and was selected by Alexa Fund And Techstars to join the acceleration program Alexa Next Stage Powered By Techstars.

ALBA Robot

The Turin startup ALBA Robot, incubated in I3P – Incubator of Innovative Enterprises of the Politecnico di Torino, is one of the 7 startups selected worldwide by the Alexa Fund. The investment fund from 200 $ Million Amazon Provides Venture Capital to Power Voice Technology Innovation. Supported by Techstars, Alexa Next Stage is the virtual acceleration program, born from the success ofAlexa Accelerator, designed to support startups that intend to integrate Alexa with their technology, in order to create new and innovative experiences for users.

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Company history

Based in Turin, ALBA Robot, Spinoff of Moschini SpA. And Teoresi Group SpA, is working on developing a platform to make traditional wheelchairs smart. They would be autonomous and controlled by voice avoiding the use of hands, equipped with on-board navigation systems and designed to improve the independence of people with reduced mobility, especially in hospitals, airports and shopping centers. The idea of Alba Robot was born in 2016 to initially respond to a personal need, when due to a problem of arthrosis in one knee, a brilliant ninety-year-old ends up in a wheelchair and loses the autonomy she was used to. Over the years the project has evolved and has attracted the attention of technology giants, local entities and universities.

Official statements

“We are proud that ALBA Robot has been selected among hundreds of startup candidates globally for the program designed by Alexa Next Stage and Techstars”, underlines Giuseppe Scellato, President of I3P. “ALBA Robot underlines the social impact that technology can have, offering innovative solutions for improving the quality of life of people with mobility problems“.