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Airbnb improves the search for accommodations


Airbnb improves the search for accommodations

Perhaps it will be complicit in the approach of the Christmas holidays or the desire to start traveling again after almost two years of forced detention – or perhaps both, who knows -, but recently Airbnb worked hard to improve its function search for accommodation facilities. In the last few days, in fact, the platform has announced new and interesting functions aimed at users with disabilities. But also some improvements reserved for all those who love work in smartworking in a city other than that of residence. In short, many news for those who love to travel, which we are now going to discover in more detail.

Airbnb allows you to test the property’s WiFi speed before booking

We are well aware that the pandemic has made remote working an almost routine practice all over the world. “One of the big changes is that millions of people have been released from where they need to work. They can go anywhere and work anywhere. There is a sense of freedom that people have never had before. ” So she commented Brian Chesky, CEO of the platform. Therefore, sensing the potential of this new trend, Airbnb went to great lengths to be able to capitalize on it. In the last year, in fact, the booking habits of users have changed a lot.

This year, 45% of the nights booked on the platform were for at least a week, almost 10% more than in 2020. And from July to September 2021, 20% of bookings on Airbnb were for stays of one month. or more, thus testifying that long duration is in effect a trend. And if that were not enough, there is the fact that there are some of the most sought after services on the platform pets, the Internet connection And the kitchen. In short, everything a remote worker needs to live in a city other than his own. Chesky himself revealed that the WiFi search function was used more than 288 million times this year.

“More and more people are working at Airbnbs, so they need really good WiFi. We know this is important, ”so the CEO anticipated the release of the new platform feature. What do we know about it? It will be called “WiFi verified”And will allow users to check the Wi-Fi speed in a property before booking it. Until now, hosts had the opportunity to indicate data connection details within the property description, but this function goes far beyond that. Back in July, Airbnb added a new in-app feature to allow hosts to test download speeds. But now the “tenants” will be able to do so too.

The platform simplifies the search for users with disabilities

Among the many innovations announced by the platform there is also the updating of the search filters and the review process of the accessibility of the structure, so as to simplify the search for people with disabilities. Therefore, hosts can now submit images that show the home’s accessibility options, and a “specialized team of Airbnb agents” will analyze them to see if this really is suitable for a disabled person or not. According to the company, this team will work in collaboration “with engineers, designers and others throughout the company”.

How will they really work? He explains it Suzanne Edwards, Airbnb Hosting Accessibility Standards Manager: “Airbnb agents are trained under a rigorous set of accessibility photo standards. For example, for a host to list an accessible parking space – a private driveway at least 10 feet wide or a parking lot designated for a person with a disability with clear signage – it must show the proximity of the parking lot to the guest’s entrance, as well as any signage or markings. for a designated accessible space, or capture the entire driveway with a parked vehicle if possible to show its width ”.

Accessibility Review:
We’re reviewing every accessibility feature on Airbnb for accuracy. To date, our agents have double checked photos of features in more than 25,000 homes. pic.twitter.com/CfDh808qGM

– Brian Chesky (@bchesky) November 9, 2021

According to what was reported by the CEO of the platform, so far have been examined and 100,000 accessibility features approved in 25,000 different homes around the world. And that’s not all, because recently Airbnb also updated the search filters for the accessibility features, making them both clearer in the search and more visible in the results. This means that instead of finding the sign “large entrance to bedroom”, you will now find “bedroom entrance wider than 0.81 meters”. In addition, the platform announced that it is looking to optimize the seeking accessible experiences, thus allowing users to find activities that include sign language, access to disabled bathrooms, or more. In short, an important optimization for a platform like Airbnb.