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Against the fakenews comes the “coronavirus” skill for Alexa and Google Home

Against the fakenews comes the “coronavirus” skill for Alexa and Google Home

Coronavirus is the new skill for Amazon Alexa and action for Google Home developed by an Italian team of communication professionals to have “certified” news regarding the coronavirus and useful information in real time to recognize the symptoms, the methods of transmission, the provisions for prevention. A panacea to give space only to “true and important” news in this period where the fakenews on the pandemic proliferate and are creating so much confusion.

The team consists of Luca Biancheri, Rocco Gerace, Roberta Ravelli, Alessandra Cremonesi, Michele Esposito and Giancarlo Pelusoand have put together different skills, from the technological sphere to that relating to the contents, with the aim of providing people with a useful service in such a delicate moment for Italy and for the world.

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How to enable the skill and the coronavirus action

To be able to interact Alexa and Google Home with the relative skill and action you can do this as follows:

With Alexa it is necessary to say “Alexa, open coronavirus news!”while with Google Assistant you have to pronounce the sentence “Ok Google talks with coronavirus news”. Speaking with the two voice assistants you will be able to know in real time the number of infected, deceased and recovered, the decree laws implemented by the Governments to guarantee national and international security, the prevention measures to be implemented and the numbers to call in case of emergency.

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A site is also born

In conjunction with the skill and the action, a website “Vireality.info: viral information, real information” was also created.

“The project was born from the desire to be able to put technology at the service of information and contribute in this moment of emergency by using the skills used every day in the professional field. Thanks to the use of the virtual assistant it will be possible to have verified updates in real time “, the team members declared.

And they continued: “In moments like these, technology becomes an important enabler, thanks to which it is possible to make a difference. It is with this objective that we wanted to contribute in such a delicate moment, simply by combining the skills of each member of the team “.