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Adsense in video games?

Adsense in video games?

Exaggeration or vision? It is still not clear to me, but the news that Google intends to commercialize a technology to insert advertising in video games sounds totally crazy.

It could work though.

They are supposed to have been testing it for the last few months and it is ready, fully functional and therefore can launch the service any day of these, perhaps the semi-failure of other “rare” TV, radio and print advertising initiatives. , serve as a warning not to jump into every unexploited medium they see; unless Adsense for Games is a very visual advertising platform, I doubt that players are interested in seeing blocks of text as an advertisement in their video games.

  Axiom Verge 2 will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store on PC, and Thomas Happ explains it with rare sincerity

Link: Google wants to serve ads in video games