Adobe definitely breaks with Apple devices

The “Apple vs Adobe” series, which the former began some time ago by eliminating any possibility of including Flash-based applications on their devices (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad), has just ended with a post by Mike Chambers, general manager of Flash Platform Product.

And what did Mike say? Well, in short, they won't spend another minute of their time on the iPhone export functionality included in Flash CS5Come on, stop development. Although yes, and logically on the other hand, they will not eliminate it.

In the aforementioned post, Mike also mocks Apple and its policies related to the issue of apps and sends a message to developers, telling them that if they are going to create for the iPhone, be ready because at any time those of the apple may reject or limit development. Finally makes it clear that they are going to focus on other platforms, like Android.

I understand Mike's message perfectly and I think Adobe made the best decision, forgetting Apple, ending a battle from which they were not going to benefit, and finally focusing on other platforms, mainly Android, which is also beginning to take place in the field of applications.

Via: Gizmovil

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