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Adidas unveils Xbox 360-inspired sneakers

Adidas unveils Xbox 360-inspired sneakers

Xbox and Adidas together for a collaboration that celebrates the console’s 20th anniversary. In fact, in October the two brands presented Xbox 20th Forum Tech, an Adidas Originals sneaker inspired by the original console edition. At the time of launch, the shoe was not available for purchase, so the brands made sure their second partnership could be bought by Xbox fans. This is how the Xbox 360 Forum Mid.

The new Adidas sneakers celebrate Xbox’s 20th anniversary

Officially presented yesterday, the Xbox 360 Forum Mid are the new Adidas sneakers inspired by the original Xbox 360of which it takes the characteristic colors: white, silver and green. As for the design, the similarities are unmistakable. The strap mimics the shape of the disc tray, while the heel echoes the console’s removable hard drives and memory drive slots. The external side, on the other hand, is decorated with the iconic Xbox button, while the internal one has the shape of the panel with the air vents that characterized the device.

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In short, the console becomes a sneaker thanks to Adidas. Not surprisingly, the outer sole of the shoe is marked with console power button. And in order not to give up any detail, the sneakers are sold in combination with four pairs of laces in the colors of red, yellow, green and blue, which clearly represent the front buttons of the Xbox 360 controller. For now, the shoes will only be sold in Canada and the United States at a price of $ 160. But it is not certain that it will not be available shortly to have them also in Italy.

That said, Xbox and Adidas are working on a new one sneakers inspired by Xbox Series X. All the details will be revealed on November 15th, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Xbox and Halo. And we are waiting for nothing else.