Activision says Call of Duty: Mobile could be compatible with controllers

The iPhone and iPad are two ideal devices for enjoying casual games in which we have more than enough one hand to be able to play properly. However, we also have at our disposal games in which we are even missing fingers be able to play correctly.

Fortnite, PUBG and the recent Call of Duty: Mobile are clear examples that touchscreens are suitable, but not for this type of gaming. Although PUBG has no plans to add controller support, Fortnite the fact. With the launch of Call of Duty, many users have wondered why there is no support for ***** control.

The difference between playing with a controller and touch controls is huge. In Activision, developer of this title which has always been available for consoles, they know it and although they do not offer support at the moment, they affirm that they think about it.

On the Call of Duty Mobile Reddit site, the guys from Activision claim that are considering offering controller supportbut first they need to find the right method to make the game balanced in both game modes.

Sounds like a lame excuse.. You will never be able to offer the same versatility that a controller with touch control offers, never, no matter how many aids they offer, aid which in the end can end up distorting the game. The only way to be able to do it is through matchmaking. If you use a controller, they will compete with people who also use a controller. Logic.

This is how Fortnite does it, although not entirely right, since match users with a controller with those playing from a consoleinstead of continuing to do it with those who play with Nintendo Switch, as is usually the case when playing without controls, a type of pairing that doesn't make sense either, but that's another topic .

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