According to this (not new) image, the iPhone 7 Plus could have a 4K display

When Apple launched the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, we all understood that there would be a more advanced model and a slightly more limited model. The 5.5-inch model offered greater battery life and, more importantly, optical image stabilizer (OIS). But the differences between these models may seem insignificant if we compare them with the 3 GB of RAM, the Smart Connector, the dual camera and, as if that were not enough, one last information that guarantees that the The iPhone 7 Plus will also have 4K display.

Yesterday, the alleged front panels of the iPhone 7 appeared on Weibo, known as China's Twitter. If the picture is real, the iPhone 7 Plus will have a Quad HD or, in the worst case, 2K display. Furthermore, if the image is real, the screen of the iPhone 7 will remain in the same 1334 x 750 resolution which are already present in the iPhone 6s. This increase was one of the new features expected for the tenth anniversary of the iPhone.

The iPhone 7 Plus would have a 2K or 4K screen

At least one of the panels we see in the previous image is believed to be made by Japanese displayone of the companies Apple hires to make the front panels of its mobile devices.

But there is one thing that really catches my attention. The previous image is the same one that we published a few months ago and which made us think that the iPhone 7 would arrive in normal, Plus and Pro models, a possibility that is losing strength as the days go by. That is to say the previous image It may be real, but it's nothing new.

Reservations for the iPhone 7 would begin on September 9; Keynote on day 5?

As always, you'll have to remain skeptical until Apple unveils the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. I can't imagine a company like Apple increasing the screen resolution that much from year to year, especially considering that the autonomy and performance could be affected. How do you see it?

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