According to Symantec Shaoxing, China, is the 'capital' of malware

Symantec, in addition to being a company known worldwide for being the developer of the famous Norton antivirus, also usually presents interesting studies in computer security. This time, the company has determined that a Chinese city is the “capital” of malware.

How did they arrive at this conclusion? The company investigated millions of emails and above all those who tried to attack computer security came from China. Nearly 30% came from the Asian country and 21.3% of Shaoxing City alone. It is precisely for this reason that they have determined that this place is the “capital” of malware.

These emails had, as is often the case with emails that attempt to infect recipients, attachments through which they intended to steal sensitive information (credit cards, passwords , etc.).

For now it has been possible to obtain the IP addresses of some of these computers, but we know that in many cases they are just zombies belonging to botnets and the users do not even know that they are infected. China is followed Romania with 21.1% emails and after United States, Taiwan and Greater Brittany with 12%.

There's not a lot of logic when it comes to power avoid this kind of inconvenience. In fact, staying away is the easiest thing in the world. If you receive an email with a .rar, .doc, photos or any other file from someone you don't know, simply delete it and the problem will be resolved.

Malware, according to Trend Micro, Italy is the third most affected country

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