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Abortion yes, but not here

Abortion yes, but not here

Navarra, is the only autonomy of Spain in which abortion is prohibited, despite the fact that this practice has been allowed in the country since 1985. In itself, this is a long delay, although we could classify it as a case of institutional hypocrisy because abortion is carried out in Navarra, but outside:

Navarre public health referred 67 women from the autonomous community to the services of other autonomous communities who requested the termination of pregnancy in 2005, the last year for which this information is available.

According to data from the Navarrese Executive to which Servimedia had access, in all these cases the Navarrese public health took care of the expenses originated from the health services of other autonomous communities, as well as the expenses of transport and diets.

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Now, at least there is already the intention to end this absurd situation: the Socialist Party will demand that the ruling political group end this ban. Luckily Chespirito doesn’t live in Navarra.

Link: Navarra pays transportation and subsistence so that its citizens can have an abortion outside the community