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A week of treasure hunt on Animal Crossing

A week of treasure hunt on Animal Crossing

Start up Animal Crossing: New Horizons a week of treasure hunt. A series of activities that are not only fun but raise awareness on environmental issues. The initiative is organized from the University of Macerata and from community Italian by Animal Crossing.

A week of treasure hunt on Animal Crossing

The University of Macerata is the first university in the world to be landed on Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The university has decided to organize itself with the Italian Nintendo gaming community to build together a project that is fun but that can raise awareness on environmental issues, using the dynamics of the game to teach something good.

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The hunt for the bottle in fact it wants to reduce the use of plastic products. To do so, he is giving away hundreds of water bottles, which you can win by responding live to 8 green questions which you can find on the University Facebook page, on the YouTube channel or inside the UniMC island on Animal Crossing.

A series of live events

There Treasure hunt of the Italian community is already underway on the channels of the creators who have joined the initiative. You can follow the live streams on Twitch and YouTube. They end on Sunday February 28th.

Players can visit the islands of G.ravier, Lightning95, Frake, Poketonx, Joepad17 And Froz3n. Once you land, grab the shovel and start digging and finding the winning tools. To participate, simply follow the social channels of the creators involved in the initiative, add them via a friend code on Nintendo Switch and have a good dose of luck and skill.

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The best seekers will be rewarded with unique items or custom patterns to add to your inventory, a precious reminder of the experience. The last appointment you can’t miss is Sunday at 5pm on the Froz3n channel. Don’t miss it.

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