A printer made with LEGO

LEGOs are wonderful, truly wonderful. Not only because they are part of my childhood, not only because of the endearing value they have for many generations like mine, but also because, as we have seen, they enable the creation of things as astonishing as this Rubik's cube solving machine or this other one which basically doesn't matter. The latest geeky gadget that someone has made from the well-known multi-colored parts takes it a step further, it's a fully functional printer.

Who needs to invest money in technology when you have imagination? It may not have the best resolution or print with the most vibrant colors in the world (in fact, it only prints one), but it's so incredibly amazing that I have it changed without a second thought for mine. Although in order not to make it boring, the author obviously sped up the video a bit, it prints approx. one page per minute. Unlike the Rubik's machine, for example, it does not use Lego Mindstormswhich are perhaps a little more versatile in terms of making machines, the electronic components and circuits are all homemade and as if that wasn't enough, the creator write your own driverIt all lasted about three weeks. At the moment he only has one color, although it seems that he is working on a 3 color version, have no doubt that if he gets it it won't be long before we release it here.

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