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A politician’s (short) campaign on Animal Crossing

A politician’s (short) campaign on Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing: A Japanese politician tries to bring his campaign into the game, but it doesn’t last long

The Japanese politician Shigeru Ishibaex-Ministry of Defensehe tried to lead his election campaign to become Prime Minister on the popular game Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Unfortunately (or fortunately), the initiative lasted very little. Here’s how things went.

The failed political campaign on Animal Crossing

Ishiba’s initial plans foresaw the true start of the campaign for today, with an appearance in the guise of “Ishiba-chan”. In the shoes of his alter ego, the politician would open an island called to everyone “Jiminto”, in reference to his party, and would have visited the islands of the players with his exhibited manifest. However, the initiative essentially failed before starting, as reported by The Japan Times.

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The rules of Nintendo

To stop the electoral machine would have been the concerns, for the Ishiba committee, that such a project could violate the Nintendo local terms regarding political activity.

In fact, it seems that the Japanese terms of use imposed by Mario’s parent company prohibit this type of activityindicating in a generic way that the content with “political purposes”, also produced by users, not allowed. There seems to be no such rule nor in terms of use Americans nor in those Europeans.

Even though his campaign was a failure, it can be said that Ishiba successfully managed, thanks to this incident, to get noticed. Whether this attention is positive or negative, however, is another matter.