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A PlayStation made of LEGO: a user’s project on TikTok

A PlayStation made of LEGO: a user’s project on TikTok

It seems like a little madness but it is reality: Anthony John Clarke has decided to transform an old PlayStation, removing the original case in favor of a completely composed structure lego bricks, keys included. The result is a fully functional console, shown by Anthony on his TikTok profile.

A PlayStation made of LEGO

There LEGO PlayStation was born from a discovery, that of an abandoned console inside the trunk of a car. The second step was almost forced: take it apart to eliminate the plastic case, repair the damaged components and clean everything.
At that point it started the construction of the body of this old PlayStation, made with Danish bricks and based on the original. In fact, the new case had to maintain the characteristics of the previous one, providing a housing for the components, the right spaces and passages for the cables and even two working buttons, one for ignition and one for reset.

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work in progress, this is the (#Lego #PlayStation #project) #fyp シ #fyp #foryou #xyzbca # ps1 #sony

♬ Castle on the Hill (Throttle Remix) – Ed Sheeran

This phase was followed by another: creating a cover that could protect the disc and all the electronic components of the console. This time, however, Anthony had to give up following the original project: having run out of gray bricks, difficult to find, he opted for something more colorful.


The #lego #playstation #project PART 2! This is not the finished product, waiting on bricks to arrive, this is just the mock up! #fyp #xyzbca #fyp シ

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♬ original sound – Anthony John Clarke

However, the project is not yet finished. According to its creator, a series of components are on the way that will complete the work that, we remind you, can already be used to play.

How does it look to you? Would you like one too?