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A Piece of Your Mind, Staying Is Key – Why Watch It?

A Piece of Your Mind, Staying Is Key – Why Watch It?

Why look at it is the Tech Princess column, edited by Mattia Chiappani and Veronica Lorenzini, in which you will find all the reasons why you should or should not watch a certain TV series or, as in this case, a K-Drama. The chosen Korean drama of the day is A Piece of Your Mind (Banui ban). To see it, you can access the Rakuten Viki streaming platform for free.

A Piece of Your Mind: Why Watch It?

Continue our journey to discover the most beautiful TV series and K-Dramas of recent years. As you already know, or may have noticed, I am one big fan of Asian cinema and I think more people need to get to know him. A different language and the presence of subtitles shouldn’t stop you from discovering some precious gems. My job, as a champion of Korean justice (a bit Sailor Moon but without blonde hair and a blanket to wrap me), is to introduce you to such gems.

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The plot

A Piece of Your Mind presents us with two main characters. Moon Ha Won it’s a AI programmer and over the years he has managed to build the AH Company, a major AI firm. Ha Won is devoted to his work and everyone who knows him knows that he never takes what he does lightly and he hopes his employees will do the same.

Also he is a very nice guy gentle, rational is that never gets angry, who knows how he always manages to stay calm. Ha Won has a strange vision of love. But his theory is tested when Han Seo Woo he slowly enters his world.

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Seo Wooinstead, work as classical music recording engineer. The girl lived a difficult life due to the tragic death of her parents. Despite her struggles, Seo Woo has managed to keep one open minded And optimisticbelieving that all things happen for a reason.

Following the path that life has traced for her, Seo Woo soon finds herself meeting Ha Won. When their paths cross, they both find that sometimes two different halves canin reality, be compatible Like never before.

A Piece of Your Mind may seem like one of the usual K-Dramas but, in reality, it isn’t. Or rather, it is but not completely. Are you confused? Don’t worry, I was too at the beginning. Make yourself comfortable because I am here to explain to you why you absolutely cannot miss it this TV series composed by 12 episodes lasting an hour and a quarter.

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A Piece of Your Mind, an unusual story

You know me and you know that Once a month I put myself in front of the PC, with the phone in hand, and add at least a dozen new K-Dramas to my list of “must see series”. Between Netflix and Rakuten Viki, I have so much material available that sometimes it is almost impossible to choose what see.

For this reason I choose three totally random, among those I have on the list. I look at the trailer and what inspires me the most, at that precise momentis the winner.

A Piece of Your Mind features Jung Hae In, my all time favorite actor so the choice was pretty simple. If I had to describe this couple with one word I would say unusual, unconventional.

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The plot takes place in unusual way, different compared to the other K-Dramas seen so far. A Piece of Your Mind is different and you can feel it right away. But we know that this journey, in one way or another, it will be more than special.

For the first time ever – at least in my career as a spectator – the male lead he is not in love with the protagonist. Ha Won, as we said, is a programmer and his latest project is a small portable device which appears to be an extension of his memory and his emotionseven if at the beginning the details at our disposal will be few.

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In the first few minutes of the episode we discover that Ha Won loves Kim Ji Soo since they were little. The two, however, they haven’t spoken for ten years and she is married with another one.

Believe me, this thing completely blew me away. But I felt that there was something different, especially because they then introduce us to Seo Woo. A very sweet girl with a passion for music that goes beyond everything, positive And cheerful everytime.

The trailer shows another woman, so when I saw Ji Soo I was surprise but not too much.

In the end, however, I said to myself: “Certainly there is a barbatrucco. Ha Won and Seo Woo are too different, they have nothing in common so maybe they want me to believe this is the main couple when, in reality, he will be back with Ji Soo. Perfect, it’s all clear. “

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Was I right or dead wrong?

“I need you, Seo Woo. Please stay. “

The plot, we have already said, is unusual, a bit like Ha Won and Seo Woo. In the first episode we are literally bombarded by a lot of information but all unclear. All this information, however, is not about our characters. We know well the device that Ha Won is building, the work of him and that of Seo Woo but of them, at least at the beginning, we know nothing.

Usually K-Drama immediately introduce us to the characters and we are used to knowing a lot about them, or almost. A Piece of Your Mind instead their inner self hides us and just shows it to us further on, when we least expect it and in a gentle, slow way. A really interesting aspect that left me speechless is the topic empathy.

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You know how simple it is, most of the time, empathize with the characters right away: here, it wasn’t like that. For example, I had a lot of difficulties. The characters within the K-Drama were all ambiguous, it was almost as if they were hiding. Later, however, about mid-season, the deep bond that I have tightened with them – and I hope you will tighten too – has shown itself and was more alive than ever.

Actually me I was getting to know themI was empathizing with themjust that I didn’t realize it. It is not easy to explain. It is a slow process It’s deep which allows the screenwriter to almost help the viewer feel close to the characters.

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Another element that allowed me to appreciate this K-Drama madly are the conversationswhat the characters say to each other over the course of the season, theirs innermost thoughts. I found them realnot at all fake and over and over I felt them mineas if I had said those words myself.

Koreans make everything very poetic and watching A Piece of Your Mind is like read a book of poetry.

An enveloping and magical soundtrack

An element that absolutely cannot be missing and that I immediately notice, in a very meticulous way, is the soundtrack. I think it is the key to everything and A Piece of Your Mind owns one of the OST (original soundtrack) best I’ve ever heard.

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Most of the songs are instrumental: piano, violin, a lot delicate but at the same time enveloping, powerful. You are completely enveloped in these unique and magical melodies. It almost seems to gently recline on a cloud and to be rockedsong after song.

All this is combined with an apt photograph, which makes us live within the TV series with a simple glance.

Each character represents one or more songs and thanks to being, paradoxically, we get to know them. It’s weird, in a way: we listen to the song, we fall in love with it and it seems to end there. It is actually helping us to better understand the story, what the characters feel, every single detail that maybe escapes the human eye.

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I will be weird but when I find the perfect soundtrack, I completely immerse myself in it. I close my eyes and it is as if these characters were not fake, but real. Their personalities are so real that it becomes complicated, in a way, to remember that it is “just” a TV series.

A Piece of Your Mind is one history that must be lived. Eyes, ears, mind and heart are projected into this different from the usual, unusual and new story.

So why watch the A Piece of Your Mind series?

Being able to explain this TV series at 360 ° it’s not easy. It is a product really deepthat dig into human feelings and does what it can for reveal them to us. It is not always easy to know what a person thinks or why, this K-Drama makes us understand very well.

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This is not the typical couple we see in TV series. Their path is different, hard and he has an obstacle ahead of him insurmountable, almost. A Piece of Your Mind shows us another side of love storiesone that is hardly put on the screen – at least from what I have been able to see over the years.

The characters are ambiguous, reserved and we take longer than expected in knowing them and understanding what goes through their minds. The plot is also complicatedalbeit intriguing. The depth that some episodes reach is difficult to sustain but with this soundtrack, one of the best around, everything suddenly seems simpler.

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This is a Korean drama different than usual and you can see it right away, from the first seconds, when our characters appear on the screen. In spite of everything, however, it is a journey that we must take at least once in our life, it is a story that we must listen to – please, listen and not feel.

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