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A Noah’s Ark will be sent to the moon

A Noah’s Ark will be sent to the moon

After the space tourism of Jeff Bezos and his companions, here comes another almost disconcerting news. A’Noah’s Ark full of animals it could be sent to the moon. Yes, you read that right. This is not a new science fiction series, but rather a group of researchers from the University of Arizona, who are working to find a solution to safeguard the fauna of our planet. So let’s find out something more.

Noah’s Ark on the Moon: the University of Arizona project

We know well that the condition of our planet is quite critical, and that many animal species are on the way to extinction. But a team of researchers from the University of Arizona has the solution: to launch a Noah’s Ark loaded with animals on the moon. An absolutely concrete project that Jekan Thangahead of the research team, said it could even happen by 2050. The reason? Thanks to private companies such as SpaceX and Blue Origin, the cost of space launches is rapidly reducing.

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And this would be enough to strengthen the possibility of launching a Noah’s Ark on the moon. A concept perhaps difficult to embrace, but still achievable. At least according to Thanga’s team, which they estimate would take 250 rocket launches to be able to bring the 6.7 million species animals to be saved from climate catastrophe. But, be careful. We are quite certain that there is a need to clarify an important detail of the project: the ark will not host animals in flesh and blood, but their reproductive cells frozen. A sort of “archive” to be able to draw on in the future, while on Earth those same species fight against the risk of extinction.