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A new video raises doubts about Tesla’s Cybertruck

A new video raises doubts about Tesla’s Cybertruck

Towards the end of November, Tesla announced Cybertruck, the first fully electric pickup in its range of vehicles. Right from the start, between a couple of gaffes, a polarizing design and the possibility of pre-ordering it for yourself $ 100, there had been a lot of talk about this product. Now, however, a new video raises doubts about some features of this vehicle.

A taste of Tesla’s Cybertuck

The video, posted by the Twitter user GuruLeaksshows a Tesla Cybertruck model leaving a parking lot with Elon Musk sitting in the driver’s seat.

Who’s driving @ElonMusk or the Auto-Pilot? $ TSLA pic.twitter.com/xvmyHPG8Ol

– GuruLeaks (@ Guruleaks1) December 8, 2019

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We say ‘instead of the driver’ and not ‘driving’ because the Tesla, equipped with the function Autopilot, have a certain autonomy of maneuver. And from the video it is not really clear who is in charge: the maneuvers are a bit clumsy, and the car even takes, with the left wheel, a traffic cone.

Furthermore, in the entry maneuver, the vehicle it doesn’t seem particularly stable. This is strange, because the Teslas, thanks to the heavy battery placed on the bottom of the vehicle, are instead notoriously stable. We can therefore assume that somehow the battery is unbalanced, perhaps under the body.

In addition, there are still some critical issues that have already emerged during the presentation: first of all, there are no side mirrors. Tesla has announced that a camera system will be used instead of both this and the rearview mirror, but in the US it is still illegal turn without physical mirrors. The tires also remain out of standard, protruding from the fender (illegal in the US).

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We will see if these criticalities will also be present in the commercial version of the vehicle. The fact is that these are not exactly exciting aspects to observe in such an anticipated and anticipated vehicle.