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A new (free) Animal Crossing update is coming

A new (free) Animal Crossing update is coming

To celebrate the first birthday of one of the most popular games of the moment, Nintendo has decided to celebrate by releasing a Animal Crossing: New Horizons update. Starting tomorrow, get ready to welcome interesting news on your island. According to the company revealed, this update “will bring with it Sanrio-themed items and villagers as part of the Animal Crossing Sanrio Collaboration Pack, where you’ll find amiibo cards, custom design improvements, and new seasonal items”. But let’s see in more detail what it is.

Animal Crossing update: all the news

As you can imagine, the news of the March 18 update are not few. On the other hand, Nintendo wanted to celebrate Animal Crossing’s birthday in the best possible way, which sold well 7 million copies in Europe alone. But what should we expect starting tomorrow? First of all, an important one Nook Phone App upgradewhich will allow you to customize umbrellas, flags and fans. As you know, until now it is possible to create a design to your taste for shirts, hair and dresses, but the update will allow you to make your look even more personal. In addition, the App will also receive 100 additional slots – 50 templates and 50 Pro templates – to allow you to have even more space for your creations.

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To ensure the upgrade of the Nook Phone App, just go to the Punto Nook at the Resident Service, clearly only after updating the game. And, once you are here, you can add the Portal of Customized Modelsi from the Sorelle Ago e Filo store, which will allow you to connect to the Internet to view the over 12 million models uploaded or to share yours with the game community. And that’s not all yet. The Animal Crossing update also brings tons of it Sanrio themed characters and items. Starting tomorrow, using amiibo cards fromAnimal Crossing Sanrio Collaboration Pack, it will be possible to invite some very special characters to your island. Or buy furniture inspired by Hello Kitty and Pompompurin.

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And to celebrate the arrival of spring, you will have the opportunity to buy many new ones seasonal items from the Nook Catalog: a cute petophone (perfect for April 1st jokes) or a series of items perfect for organizing your prom. In short, the news coming for Animal Crossing players are many. And although Nintendo has accustomed us to a game that evolves day after day, we can’t help but be amazed every time.