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A Minecraft server restores the world after a user dies


A Minecraft server restores the world after a user dies

We don’t really know if this is a social experiment, but it’s undoubtedly something that looks like it. Recently, in fact, a group of 13 players decided to create a Minecraft server hardcore-inspired, where the whole world resets itself every time a user dies. Users have been playing this way for well 95 days – from 15 November 2020 to 18 February 2021 -, and have seen 38 different restorations. And proud of their experiment, they shared the results in a Reddit thread. Are you curious to know what really happened in these three months of “hardcore” Minecraft?

Minecraft: the server that restores the world after every death

We understand that the idea of ​​opening a server where the world of Minecraft resets itself every time a user dies may seem strange, but someone wanted to try it anyway. Of the 39 worlds that players have had the opportunity to experience, the 24th was the longest – 21 hours -, while the 33rd was the fastest – 1 minute and 48 seconds -. The average lifespan of the users was 4 hours and 31 minutesa result achieved thanks to the gradual acquisition of experience by the players over the course of the experiment.

And that’s not all. As some of the infographics shared by players reveal, survival in some biomes is far more difficult than in others. But, speaking of the average life, there is also to consider that after the seventeenth attempt a sort of tax of $ 4.2 on the death of users was applied, so as to make the players more cautious. Among the most common causes of death there are clearly the enemies (76.3%), followed by fall damage (15.8%) and drowning (5.3%).

Indeed, it would appear that the frequency of death has increased dramatically after building a portal to the Nether. And with that in mind, it’s no wonder that only three players managed to get a piece of equipment made of nephrite. By virtue of their gaming performance, users have also gained positive and negative acknowledgments. Throughout the experiment, the “biggest losers” or “The King” of the situation were identified, so that everyone could be rewarded in their own way. A real social experiment, which makes us understand what incredible world is hidden behind Minecraft.