A journey into the Discworld in sensational 2D

What better day than geek pride day, which is also napkin day to celebrate another wonderfully eccentric and acerbic British writer? Who Douglas Adams It's for science fiction Terry Pratchet It’s for fantasy. your delirium Discworldwhich crosses the void on the back of the cosmic turtle A'Tuin, shelters dragons that are only visible when someone believes in themchests of wise pear trees that follow their owner wherever he goes, The gods turned into turtles when their last parishioner lost their faith and, how can we not mention it, THE SAME DEATH.

THE Discworld has spread through various means since its creation in 1983 in the novel the color of magic. The impact of the series on the collective unconscious is such that the Ogg Vorbis audio format It owes its names to Nanny Ogg and Deacon Vorbis, both characters in the novels. They were also very famous at the time — early 90s — graphic adventures disc world And Discworld II: Presumed disappearancewhich, although they have not been released as free software at the moment, they work perfectly well with ScummVM-nudge, wink wink. There was an animated series — already out of print — of Cosgrove Hall, and another experiment. But what had never been, until very recently, is a film or television adaptation in all its splendor.

SKY-HDa British pay channel, launched in 2006 for produce a series of films for television – of exquisite quality – based on the Discworldwith the particularity of being blessed with the approval – and even the cameo in one of them – of the very Mr Terry Pratchett. The first one, pig father, follows the adventures of Susan, Death's granddaughter, as she attempts to discover why her grandfather was forced to replace the Hogfather, the Mundodisquense equivalent of Santa Claus. The second, from 2008, bears the title of The color of magicbut in fact takes elements from the novel of the same name and its sequel, The Light Fantastic, and follows the adventures of Rincewind, the worst wizard of the Unseen University of Ankh-Morporkthe oldest, most pestilential and dangerous city on record. On May 30 and 31, the long-awaited third part will be broadcast on SKY HDan adaptation in this case of Go Postcard. Of course, both already issued are available in the usual channels. Nudge, wink wink.

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If you haven't read the novels yet, I don't know what you're waiting for, because today, on geek pride day you don't deserve to be called that if you don't know who terry pratchett is.

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