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A haptic glove will allow you to pick up objects in the metaverse

A haptic glove will allow you to pick up objects in the metaverse

If you think that the idea of ​​creating a metaverse is Meta’s only avant-garde project, you are very wrong. In fact, in recent weeks, i Reality Labs they are working for develop haptic gloves which will allow users to touch objects in the metaverse. The project has been going on for about seven years, during which time incredible advances have been made in soft and microfluid robotics. So let’s see what it is in detail.

Reality Labs: Haptic Gloves arrive to touch objects in the metaverse

In the last hours the Meta Reality Labs have shared a video showing the project they are working on, haptic gloves that allow you to touching and catching objects in the metaverse. The video, in fact, clearly shows researchers using gloves to catch a ball, move objects and even do the thumb wrestling. “Imagine working on a virtual 3D puzzle with a friend’s realistic 3D avatar. When you take a piece of the virtual puzzle from the table, your fingers automatically stop moving when you feel you are holding it. Feel the sharpness of the cardboard edges and the smoothness of its surface as you lift it for a closer inspection, followed by a satisfying snap as you place it where you need it. ”

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So the company describes how users will feel wearing gloves and handling objects in the metaverse. Apparently, the gloves will allow you to experience “sensations” like consistency, pressure and vibration even in the virtual world. For the moment, however, these devices are under development, but the future goal is clearly that of associate them with a VR viewer to guarantee users a totally engaging experience with the metaverse. Meta herself said: “Our tactile glove project started out as a pipe dream, but it is becoming more feasible as we continue to innovate and complete research.”