A glitch allows you to duplicate elements in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal crossing new horizons to another duplication problem inside, as one discovered youtuber This weekend. This is a “trick” for duplicating objects that works under very specific but easily reproducible conditions.

How Animal Crossing New Horizons Duplication Glitch Works

The trick in question is not the first (or perhaps the last) to be found in the game. Another bug was present at launch, which was later fixed by Nintendo with an update.

It's easier to see the problem at hand than to put it into words, but we'll try (leaving you with the original video from Artificial switch above to watch). The necessary conditions are very specific, but also quite easy to reproduce.

First of all, it takes two the tablesone by imprint 2 × 2 and one instead of clutter 2 × 1. In the project app, you can see the space an object takes up in terms of squares before you build it, so you can choose two suitable tables. You must then choose an object with an imprint 2 × 1 duplicate, like a Katana or one TV.

Now that you have everything, you can head to the main room of your house. In the center you will have to place the 2 × 2 table, while next to it you will have to place the 2 × 1 table with the object on top.

At this point you will need to open by pressing the ? (bottom left), the mode in which you can manipulate the furniture. Select the table with the object on it by pressing the key L and move it, without turning it, to another side of the large table, so that it is partially ride.

Why not miss Animal Crossing?

When you let go, the small table automatically rotates, returning to its position parallel to the large one. After doing this for a total of thrice, you will have to go to another room in the house and then come back. At this point you should find the desired object duplicate Or triple.

You can't put items directly into your pocket, but by switching back to furniture manipulation mode, you can put them into your inventory and then do whatever you want with them from there.

This whole procedure is obviously a error of the game, and most likely Nintendo will soon release an update so that it will no longer be possible to use it. Additionally, we don't know if the company will take action against those who used this trick to duplicate items (in the case of the other glitch, this didn't happen, but this is not necessarily the case this time too). So if you want to continue, expand your katana collection or do easy stars, do it At your peril.