A biodiesel train that uses meat by-products

amtrakthe state intercity rail network in the United States, began using the first train in the country which is powered by biodiesel and, most curious of all, is that it uses by-products generated from meat.

Currently, this formation, called Heartland Flyer, already travels daily from Oklahoma City to Fort Worth using biodiesel called B20 what a mix 80% diesel and 20% biofuels.

According to the company, this type of fuel reduces 15% particle emission and one 20% sulfates compared to ordinary trains.

For the moment this means of transport will work for one year for Amtrak to collect data regarding emissions and determine the impact of fuel used on mechanical parts.

One of the most interesting things is that this merger can be used by trains without any type of modificationwhich means that if the result turns out to be positive, it can be used at any time in all training.

The importance of this experiment, given that the biodiesel used works in any train without the need to modify its mechanics, is extremely important. If daily fuel usage does not harm training, this could be a new way to achieve this, at least some vehicles, pollute the environment less.

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