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$ 70,000 for Tesla’s new S3XY shorts

$ 70,000 for Tesla’s new S3XY shorts

Elon Musk, now it is certainly not a mystery, he knows how to make people talk about himself and has no problem getting on the front page Tesla. In the last few hours, as proof of Tesla’s incredible marketing skills, Elon Musk announced the debut of the new shorts “S3XY“, A new“ official ”clothing item that can be purchased directly through the official shop of the Californian house.

Tesla shorts presented by Elon Musk

This is not just a new official accessory. The new S3XY shorts launched by Tesla and just announced by Elon Musk are, in reality, a real mockery of all investors who had bet against Tesla (going “short” to use a technical term suitable for financial markets). The launch of the new shorts became a viral event that caused overcrowding for the Tesla site.

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Limited edition short shorts now available at https://t.co/5EmNcTBvJv

– Elon Musk (@elonmusk) July 5, 2020

The selling price, equal to 69,420 dollars, it is also a reference to the famous tweet with which Elon Musk anticipated the desire to make Tesla a private company with a price of 420 dollars. The tweet caused Musk quite a few problems with the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission), the American federal commission that deals with the supervision of equities.

Furthermore, the name S3XY is not accidental. Each letter of the word “S3XY” it refers to one of Tesla’s models (Model S, Model 3, Model X and Model Y) and is the result of a play on words thought (naturally by Musk) already several years ago.

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Furthermore, the choice to name the best seller Model 3 and not Model E is linked to a copyright problem as the Model E name had already been registered by Ford. The Blue Oval House had threatened a possible lawsuit if Tesla chose the Model E name for its car.