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7 TV series that exploded late

7 TV series that exploded late

An author’s dream is to cast one TV series that (perhaps supported by a large marketing campaign) do plays record with the first episode. Positive reviews, an increasingly rich audience and excellent results until the grand finale. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case and there are TV series that have to wait for it second season and beyond to achieve success. And even in these cases the road is not the same for everyone.

How a TV series can be successful from the second season or beyond

Over the last few years, in which the world of seriality has expanded not only qualitatively but also quantitative, there have been paths of many different types. However, it is possible to identify a trend that unites most of the TV series, a sort of basic model. We start with one very strong first seasonwhich gathers a good audience of enthusiasts, eventually grows slightly with the second, and then decreases more or less slowly until the conclusion.

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However, with the breadth of the current landscape it would be unthinkable that all shows followed this path. And in fact, over the course of time we have had tons of TV series that failed to really make a name for itself until the second season or beyond. It took a path more complex in order to win over its audience, which here too has not always been the same for everyone.

There have been cases in which after the first few episodes of little success it has been opted for revolutionize the formula completely to relaunch. Others in which there was a cancellation, which was however followed by a ‘rescue’ thanks to the commitment of the fans that allowed to have a second chance. There have been cases where the success actually came right away, but got even bigger afterwards. And unfortunately there have also been occasions when it has arrived too late.

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7 shows that have been successful after the first season

We have collected some examples below, but of course we invite you to add cases that we have left out. It can be a great way to find new TV series to follow and who knows if some of these may not be the way to go find that second life fans would love… Are you ready? So let’s start with the list!


This show, which focuses on a young English girl, is one of the best television products of recent years. Based on the play of the same name by its author and main performer Phoebe Waller-Bridge he got very good results already with the first season, but it is with the second that he really exploded. New episodes got awards all over the world, among which the four Primetime Emmy Awards and two Golden Globes are worth mentioning. Results of great level, which have made Phoebe Waller-Bridge one of the most appreciated personalities in the sector.

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Family Guy

It’s strange to think so now, but the story of the Griffin family it is not that of an immediate and overwhelming success. After the third season the show in fact went through a cancellation, due to the poor results in terms of ratings (also linked to continuous changes of schedule). There was a real popular uprising, with petitions and protests. But it was mainly the success of the reruns of the episodes and DVDs of the show, which led to a return to TV after a two-year hiatus. To date, Family Guy has nineteen seasons and not they seem destined to stop in the short term.

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Even in the case of Lucifer, a project based on the Vertigo comic of the same name, has gone from a cancellation and a subsequent revival. The first season had not in fact received particularly positive reviews and although they had improved over time, the third had been presented as the final one. However, fans of the show went out of their way to support a campaign indicated by the hashtag #SaveLucifer. This led Netflix to take an interest in the series, deciding to bring it forward on the platform. The success of the fourth season led to a further renewal, followed in June 2020 by the announcement of a sixth cycle of episodes which is currently scheduled as a final.

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Black Mirror

The English anthology show of Charlie Brooker it has long been celebrated by critics and fans alike, while remaining relatively niche. This led to the decision to look for a new reality that would support Channel 4 in production in order to have a budget that would allow the project to continue. Right here he intervened Netflixwho after seeing an excellent response to the publication of the first two seasons on the platform, decided to acquire the rights for the future of the show.

The streaming debut allowed Black Mirror to reach an even wider audience. To date, there are three seasons made by Netflix, to which is added the film Bandersnatch, built as a crossroads story. Although critics have identified a decline in quality between the Black Mirror of Channel 4 and the one arrived in streaming, there is no doubt that it is still one of the most loved products of the platform.

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So far we have talked about shows that have returned to the fore after a shaky start, but unfortunately not all stories have a happy ending. This is the case with Firefly, TV series elected as a symbol of prematurely canceled projects. This show, which mixed science fiction and westerns, had a complicated life with bad placement choices in the schedule. This led to a cancellation before the broadcast of the first season was even completed. However, fans have continued to celebrate its quality over time and, although they failed to convince networks to give the project a second chance, they helped make it a cult ‘posthumous’. Who knows one day someone won’t decide it’s time to bring back the crew of the Serenity …

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game of Thrones

We completely change course. game of Thrones it was undoubtedly a happened from the start. The results were so good that the renewal for the second season came shortly after the first episode aired. It’s worth putting it on this list though, because that was just a glimpse of what was to come. Up to the fourth season the ratings have grown impressively: each of the episodes gathered a larger audience than those of the previous year. With the fifth there was a slight decline, but the trend is nevertheless remained ascendant, in contrast to the traditional trend we talked about at the beginning. The final episode, despite the protests, gathered 13.61 million Americans in front of the TV: almost seven times those present for the historic first episode.

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The Office

Maybe one of the best examples of TV series who have been successful with the second season is The Office. If you haven’t seen this show yet, it’s good to keep in mind that you won’t like it initially. The first season is in fact extremely difficult to digest, trying to be a direct transposition of the very acidic British show. It was evident that it could not last and that it was necessary to change something for do not face cancellation. From the second then everything changes, even the photography and the design of some characters, revolutionizing the tone of the project. And since then there has been great rise, with a fandom still very rich today eight years after its conclusion after nine seasons. A path that is not too different from that of Parks & Recreation, originally born as a spin-off of The Office itself.