5 iPad Apps That Help Improve Productivity

It's funny: we spend a lot of time finding apps that save us time and allow us to do things better and faster. The fact is, as a productivity fanatic and as workaholic as they come, I'm always looking for apps that allow me to work better.

THE iPad It’s a fantastic work tool, that’s very clear, but how do you “extract” all the juice from it? These are the 5 productivity tools that I recommend for those who already have the new gadget of Manzana:

  1. things: It has a wonderful interface and is designed to follow the GTD (Getting Things Done) method but for those who haven't read it or are unfamiliar with it, it works just as well. It syncs with the desktop version of the software, so to-do lists are always up to date on all your screens. $19.99

  2. eternal note: I have to say that Evernote has completely transformed the way I write and save things. Just about anything. Notes, photos I find lying around, ideas, PDFs, small code snippets, screenshots, photos I take with my iPhone of topics I want to revisit later, personal lists, etc. Everything is saved in the cloud and automatically synced to all Evernote supported devices. This means I have my notes on my Mac, on my iPhone, on my iPad, on my Android phone and even on my BlackBerry. Free.

  3. drop box: With eternal note another of the tools that have transformed the way I do my job. Each of my work files generated on my Mac are stored in a Dropbox folder that is constantly synced to the cloud. All these files I can access now on my iPad. Amazing. Free.

  4. Instagram: A rather curious application which is used to read for later. From a tweet to a long blog post or the digital version of a newspaper. It formats text in a simple way and helps speed up reading and it also syncs between devices. $4.99.

  5. OmniGraffle: I've been a fan of OmniGraffle for Mac for years. It lets you create mind maps, content structures, or just about anything that requires a diagram. Like everything created by Omni Group It is an application of exceptional quality and hence its high price, but it is worth every penny invested. $49.99.

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Did I miss an important application to improve productivity? I would love to read your recommendations and the apps you typically use on iPad.

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