30 Features Apple Could Offer in iOS 11

A little over two months ago, the guys from Cupertino publicly launched the final version of iOS 10, a version that had been in beta since its presentation at the last developers conference held last June, as usual. . From that moment on, Apple began working on the eleventh version of iOS, number 11, version that will come from the hand of the tenth anniversary iPhoneand that almost in all probability it will skip the nomenclature s, to go to number 8 or perhaps go directly to number 10, to meet the anniversary number.

Although Apple has recently implemented many features that were previously were available via jailbreak, to this day there are still many adjustments that many users would like to be able to take advantage of without having to use the jailbreak, a jailbreak that is increasingly in the doldrums given the interest that those responsible for its realization are showing these last time. The guys from EverythingApplePro have created a video in which we can see 30 functions that Apple could implement in the next version of the operating system for mobile devices.

Some of the features that many users would like to be able to use iOS 11 These are night mode, especially when using the mobile in the dark, move the volume icon up, add the PIP function in addition to the Split View function, add more icons to the control center, empty the cache apps without resorting to tricks to get extra storage…

You may not like some of the features shown in the video, while some of the ones you would most like to be able to use may be missing every day with your iPhone. What features would you like to be able to use in the next version of iOS 11? Leave us your ideas in the comments to this article.

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