20% of UK employees use social media to complain about their boss

A new survey of a thousand employees in United Kingdom revealed interesting facts: one in five workers exploits their boss via social networks. The report, produced by the firm MyJobGroup, shows very useful information. For example, 70% of respondents say they don't know if their company has policies or guidelines regarding the use of social media, while only 16% say they do. Fortunately they don't work for ReutersOtherwise…

Another important fact is that the 58% of employees say they would be more careful about what they download Twitter Or Facebook if their bosses had access to their profiles (that is to say, we will throw stones, but hide our hands). Also a 55% of respondents believe there should be sanctions or disciplinary action for employees who say bad things about their workplace or co-workers on social media.

To what extent can a company control the personal profile of one of its employees? A few months ago, I was discussing the line between work ethic and social media. I insist: companies have every right to protect their interests by disclosing sensitive information, but nothing more. An employee is free to say whatever he wants, but of course, facing the consequences. You can't complain about the boss and expect nothing to happen.

Using social media at work is common sense. The information is public. Although posting on Twitter Or Facebook It can be cathartic, due to an illusion of rupture between the virtual world and the real world, the truth is that there is no such dissociation. What you say on social media has equal or greater consequences than what you say in a face-to-face conversation. You don't need a hundred-page document on how to behave on a social network. There is only one maxim to respect, and it is this: Don't say on the Internet what you wouldn't be able to say in advance. Indicate.

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