1Password is updated for Mac and now supports Touch Bar and Touch ID on MacBook Pro

1Password is one of the best applications that we can currently find on the market to manage on a day-to-day basis all the connections that we make. 1Password allows us to store both web addresses, usernames and passwords of all the services we use, so there is no need to remember the password for each service, thus we avoid having to use the same password for all services, which does not 'is not strongly recommended, because if the friends of strangers who access one of our services can access all of them.

1Password is available for iOS and OS X and Windowsso that we can use them through the different platforms on which it is available, platforms synchronized through iCloud so that at all times we have the same access data on all our devices.

The launch of the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar gives AgileBits a new opportunity to promote its service, thanks to the fingerprint sensor that sits next to the Touch Bar, a Touch Bar that was also used in the last update day of 1Password. Today, Monday November 14, many users will start receiving the first MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and thanks to the version update for OS can use Touch ID to identify themselves when accessing both the application and the services associated with it.

The iOS app is available for free download but with in-app purchases that unlock the limitation of the free version, for 9.99 euros. However, the Mac version is 64.99 euros, a price that many users consider too high for what it offers us. Fortunately, AgileBits, the developer of the application, usually offers discount campaigns for this application so if we want to get one, we will have to wait for it to launch a promotion, a discount promotion which will surely come with the Period of Christmas.

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