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1984 by Orwell: the book and the movie

1984 by Orwell: the book and the movie

1984 by George Orwell it is one of the most famous and appreciated books in the history of literature. A farsighted work that aims to highlight the power of psychological manipulation of the totalitarian state. A book cited and studied by psychology experts, for its power and the veracity of the processes described. A book that must be read, also on Prime Video, the film was recently released.

Orwell’s 1984 Power

What made Orwell’s 1984 such a famous book is the power of the message. A dystopian reality full of critical points, which wants to be a warning and a warning. Within the novel what emerges is how theauthority it imposes a language unsuitable for the expression of the critical potentialities of thought. Try to get human minds used to tolerance of logical contradictions that characterize the political propaganda of Big Brother, and to channel individual emotionality only in the directions useful for the social order. “Orwell so accurately presented mental processes (” bipthinking “) and linguistic structures (” Newspeak “) functional to totalitarian social irrationalism, that 1984 became a must-quote in social psychology textbooks and in interpersonal communication studies “.

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The plot of 1984

The story of 1984 is set in a Dystopian London, in a future time compared to the years in which the story was written. The city is in forfeiture. The world is controlled by the Big Brothera mysterious character, totalitarian, which no one has ever met in person and who keeps the lives of citizens under control, through the use of special television screens. Freedom has been completely abolished, repression and blind obedience are on the agenda. The protagonist of the novel, Winston Smith does not understand or tolerate the system in which he lives, so he decides to rebel and overthrow society. So he begins to investigate the past in hopes of being able to analyze his enemy more clearly. During the research Winston will find some people who will help him with his purpose.

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Radford’s film

The movie Orwell 1984 was released right in 1984, directed by Michael Radfordthat faithfully takes up the novel, to the point that many scenes were shot on the day they are set in the book. The plot is the same as the book. The film was well received by critics and so Orwell’s dystopian reality reached an even wider audience. You can find the film on Prime Videowe advise you to watch it.

A novel that is ultimately unsettling for its relevance and for the almost prophetic character of the events narrated. It is one of our favorite books and we immediately jumped to review the film as soon as it was uploaded to Prime Video. Let us know if you like it.