1969, the year the US army fell on Niagara Falls

That Niagara Falls is one of the most famous and photographed natural wonders of all time is a reality, everyone knows where it is and something of its history. What many may not know is that for a few months these magnificent falls were partly destroyed by man (and this time it was not for evil purposes).

Today, Niagara Falls is protected on both the Canadian and American sides, but this was not always the case. Until 1885, Canada and the United States did not pay much attention to cataracts, yes, from that year on they started doing things very well. The first thing was to purchase the land adjoining the falls and later preservation plans began.

One of the goals that both nations set in this regard was to stop, or at least mitigate as much as possible, the effects of erosion, for which underwater dams were installed and the top of the falls was mechanically reinforced. But the most ambitious preservation plan has come 1969 when the United States Army Corps of Engineers undertook, nothing more and nothing less, to divert the course of the Niagara River from the American Falls (one of the three waterfalls that form Niagara Falls).

And they did. For six months, they kept this Niagara Falls waterfall 'without a drop of water' (all diverted to the Canadian side), time engineers and other experts spent studying the river bottom, cleaning it and looking for signs of structural instabilities. A walkway has even been installed just 20 meters from the edge of the waterfall so that tourists can photograph it like never before. And with some of these photos, I close this post and this curious chapter of natural history.

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