15 Things That Are Not Missing in a Geek's Ideal Home

OUR House it is a space where we should be able to expand our particularities, a point of connection between our interior and the world. Some cultures are more strict about the designs and architecture a house should have, however the geek culture is characterized by mix of elements that make us happy: not very functional, curious, ingenious, nostalgic, anything goes when it comes to expressing yourself and immortalizing your home. That's why I'm sharing a list with some of these items that might be of interest to many.

  • x10: This technology allows us to communicate with the electronic devices in our home through the electrical wiring itself, which means we can schedule the time we want our coffee maker to turn on or more finely control the lighting of the House. It requires an investment of money, but it's all for a smarter home.
  • 80s arcade: A classic and perhaps a little difficult to make in its original form, but we can build it ourselves and have long hours of nostalgic fun.
  • pinball: We couldn't have an arcade without pinball, in which case it's not that easy to build one, but there are still people who are making efforts to save them.
  • pixel art painting: One of the most modern and symbolic expressions of art on the Internet is Pixel art or isometric art. Surely you have seen it somewhere, but you can check the website of a famous artist of this genre who also makes his works available so that we can wallpaper our homes.
  • samurai umbrella: It's an umbrella, and it looks like a samurai sword. Everything was said.
  • Ping pong portal: Here's an example of how to take advantage of a common object and turn it into a fun, semi-hidden attraction for our visitors.
  • food dispenser: For long sleepless nights, nothing better than a magic box that nourishes us, although of course it is always better to eat real things.
  • USB sockets: Why do our electrical appliances have their own sockets and our favorite gadgets don't? It's time to put an end to this injustice and build our own USB sockets.
  • educational shower curtains: If you feel like you are wasting a lot of time while taking a bath, maybe it's time to buy those curtains that contain information about geography, languages, chemistry, etc. Plus, nothing screams louder than having the Periodic Table of Elements visible in our bathroom.
  • Solar energy: Every geek knows that solar energy is a wonderful energy resource available but often overlooked. Everyone can work together to make their home a little greener and use products that don't rely exclusively on electric batteries.
  • “digital” wall clock: A nice mix between the analog and digital world. Although I wish it was real too.
  • discouraging patches: An Internet classic. Who doesn't benefit from a little motivation every day?
  • LED awning: Still in the DIY section we have a marquee with LEDs that we can program with our own messages, and even display our news feeds.
  • 3 1/2 cushions: Although obsolete, floppy disks can still occupy a place in our home, much softer of course.
  • Towel: Impossible to forget our towel.
Geolocation, what for?

And you, what items they have or would like to havemake your home a little more