How to Hide in Chloe’s Room Life is Strange

If you’ve ever wanted to find out how Max tries to blackmail Chloe, this article will help you. We’ll also cover how to keep Max from finding out you’re there, how to keep Chloe’s game a secret, and how to decide whether to be funny or help Victoria.
Max’s attempt to blackmail Chloe
In this episode of the show, Max is in Seattle, where Chloe is upset with him for abandoning her. Chloe has not heard from Max in almost a month. When Max learns that Chloe has broken her camera, she offers to fix it with her stepdad’s tools.
Chloe tells Max that she has learned to pick locks from Frank. She then suggests going to the principal’s office first. She also tells Max that she learned how to lockpick from Frank, and he calls Warren for help. In the meantime, Chloe discovers an envelope full of cash in the principal’s desk. She wants to use the money to pay Frank back. Max is torn about whether he should let Chloe steal the money or not.
In the end, Max’s attempt to blackmail Chlia proves unsuccessful. Chloe begins to feel cold and asks Max for a drink. When Max refuses, Chloe says that he should take her offer of a late night swim. Chloe decides to go anyway. She also claims that Max deserves this mindless pleasure.
Chloe continues to “communicate” with Max, not only through her diary entries, but also through a dream. She continues to be jealous of him after he leaves her at Arcadia Bay. In her dreams, she receives text messages from Max. Chloe’s hair also seems to be growing out into its natural color. The undertones on Chloe’s hair are green.
In the middle of the night, Chloe messages Max to meet her in front of the college. She jokingly proposes marriage to Max. However, same-sex marriage is illegal in Oregon, at least for the time. Chloe then jumpscares Max, as she is upset that she didn’t save Kate earlier.
Chloe’s secret admirer isn’t a secret anymore. She’s still hungry for it. Her secret admirer has to be someone who knows her well. Chloe has always been hungry for .
Keeping her game secret
In Life is Strange, Chloe’s room is located upstairs, above the garage. The game’s players can explore this room to find useful items. They can also find clues for the puzzles by opening the closet and inspecting Chloe’s clothes. In addition to that, there are several tools and items that can help them in their search.
The first option will cause Chloe to become angry with him, making her storm out of the room. If the player chooses to blame Chloe for her mistake, she will become angry and storm out of the room. Either option will help the player avoid getting in trouble with Chloe, but they will not improve their relationship. There is also an option in the game that allows the player to rewind the whole spiral back to the point when David knocks at the door.
Secondly, the player should think of a way to get inside Chloe’s room. For instance, she could use the bathroom to hide from Nathan. The principal would not believe Max if she said that she saw him in the bathroom. Ultimately, this would cause Max to get suspended and leave school for good. Moreover, the Principal would apologize to Nathan but not call him into his office. Once the Principal finds out about this, Nathan will try to intimidate Max.
Choosing a side
Life is Strange is a game where you choose a side. You can choose to support David or side with Chloe. If you support David, you’ll save the relationship between David and Chloe, but if you side with Chloe, you’ll destroy it.
During the game, Chloe will accuse you of smoking weed. If you choose to take the blame, she will be furious with you, and she’ll storm out of the room. However, if you choose to remain hidden, you’ll make Max look even more ridiculous. Choosing a side will affect the relationship between Max and Chloe, so choose carefully.
Chloe has another dream where she and her dad are on a stage. The stage that Chloe had seen in episode 2 is now hit by a real truck. This makes Chloe feel a great deal of pressure. This is very unusual for her, as she’s used to hiding her feelings. Thankfully, Frank arrives and saves the day!
Chloe has two options for how to pay off Frank. She can either leave him money, or she can steal it. Choosing to leave the money will make Chloe happier and calmer. If she steals the money, she’ll write to Frank about it, but she won’t be able to convince him. It’ll also put her in danger of getting caught, which may lead to trouble with the law.
During episode 4, you’ll be asked to choose between two sides. Choosing the right side will save Chloe’s life. However, you should keep in mind that the situation is complicated. If you can’t decide between two sides, you might have to choose the side that you feel most strongly about.
Choosing whether to make fun of Victoria or give her a helping hand
When deciding whether to make fun of Victoria or help Chloe, keep in mind that it might end up hurting your own feelings. For example, Victoria will post a picture of Max on Facebook. If Chloe sees this picture, she’ll comment on it and make it a meme. She will also tell Chloe about Max’s conversation with Taylor. However, if Max tells Victoria to stay away from Darkroom, she won’t believe him. After this, Victoria will be caught by Jefferson and murdered.
Choosing whether to make fun of Victoria or help Chloe in Chloe’s room in Life is Strange is an important decision that can change the course of the storyline. Unlike many video games, this one allows players to interact with characters and make major decisions. Moreover, it also lets them make minor decisions that affect the storyline.

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