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If you’re wondering how to get Frank’s keys in Life is Strange, you’re not alone. It’s one of the most frustrating parts of the game. It’s even more frustrating when you can’t even get inside the RV because you can’t find the right pin code to unlock the door. But don’t worry, there are some tips to help you get through this annoying situation.
Episode 2: Out of Time
In this Life is Strange episode, we meet Max and Chloe at a shooting range. They use Max’s rewind powers to make their shots even better. Unfortunately, Max’s power overuses him and he passes out. Chloe comforts him and lets Max handle the gun. Meanwhile, Frank shows up to demand money from Chloe. Chloe gets into a fight with his mum, and Max decides to break into his laptop. In the process, he discovers extensive notes on Blackwell students, as well as photos of Rachel and Frank.
The first way to get Frank’s keys is to talk to him and ask for his keys. When he does this, he will take out his keys and belongings from his pocket. If you’re lucky, you can then use Nathan to talk to him. But be careful, because he will be furious at this point. Then, you can use Nathan to get the information needed to steal Frank’s keys. You can also talk to the police officer in order to find out the information you need to steal Frank’s keys. After gathering the information, you’ll be able to go back in time and meet Frank. Depending on how you play the game, he may approach you differently than in the previous episodes.
The third choice is also important. You can find this choice in the episode’s third chapter. It’s split into three sections, and each part has its own consequences. It is the most important of all the choices you’ll make in the game. You must decide how you’ll handle the situation if you want to make it easier for yourself.
Episode 5: Polarized
This episode begins with an important choice that will affect how you proceed from here. You can choose to tell Victoria about certain details, or to keep them to yourself. The final part of this episode will involve solving a series of strange puzzles. The choices in this chapter are linked to 11 Trophies/Achievements.
The character of Maxine Caulfield has the potential to change the relationships and interactions among the other characters. She is portrayed as hotheaded and quick to judge others, but she also seems to appreciate childhood friendships and appears to defend Max during an existential debate. This episode also follows a series of twists and turns.
Finding the right pin code
In Life is Strange, there’s a puzzle in the garage that you have to solve to get Frank’s keys. You can use clues from the diner that will help you find the password. The password is 11-27-08, which is the date of the receipt from the Diner where Frank met Joyce. Once you’ve entered this code correctly, Chloe will tell you to get Frank’s keys.
The first part of this puzzle involves deciphering the code, which isn’t an easy process. Luckily, the next part of this puzzle is figuring out the third element, which is the third essential selection. This choice has three parts, each with different effects.
Once you have the right code, the puzzle becomes easier. Once you have the right information, you can start talking to Frank in his booth. Once you get the information, you can try again to get the keys. Once you get the keys, you can also use the RV key to travel back to the RV to collect optional collectibles.
The game’s choices are essential. Your decisions will affect the ending of the game. Your decisions will affect how Chloe and Frank deal with the situation. For instance, you can choose to unlock David’s room by tampering with the fuse box.
Getting inside the RV
Chloe will tell you to try to get inside Frank’s RV, but the process will require a little more than just stealing his keys. It will involve talking to several people, including a police officer who sits at the counter. This police officer will reveal a secret to Nathan, which will give you an opportunity to defeat him and reveal Frank’s secret.
The RV is cluttered and dirty. You’ll find Frank’s clothing scattered on his bed and dishes and bathroom supplies in the sink. There are also graffiti and posters depicting women on the walls. You’ll also find food packages and a photo of Frank and Pompidou near the driver’s seat. In addition to this, you can also find a computer that’s connected to black and blue speakers. There is a cupboard inside the RV that has some of Frank’s cash.
Once you’ve gotten inside, you’ll want to find clues. Using Nathan to talk to Frank will prompt him to pick up things from his pockets. Once he’s done, you’ll be able to get his keys back. Now you’ll have to find some evidence that can lead you to Frank’s secret.
There are two ways to get Frank’s keys. You can either get the information from Nathan or the police officer, or you can try to rewind the game so that you can meet Frank again. One method will give you the keys faster than the other.
Telling Frank you were scared or defending Chloe
One of the central themes of the series is defending your family. You can use lies to protect yourself or your family members. For instance, you may tell Frank that you were scared of Rachel when in reality you are defending Chloe. This central theme has a number of references.
Chloe knows Frank can be scary, but she still loves him. One episode shows her reading a note she threw away. She says she would be scared if she owed Frank one thousand dollars. Later, Chloe ends up owing three times as much as Frank, and she clashes with the debt collector.
Another one features Chloe defending Chloe from Damon Merrick. Chloe drives Rachel to the hospital. Meanwhile, Frank tries to stop him by telling him that he is afraid of Rachel. It doesn’t work, but the two of them reconcile and leave Arcadia Bay together.
Chloe also makes fun of Evan’s wildfire petition when he refuses to say “knobcone”. She also expresses her humorous disbelief at a nature sign using the word “butt rot”. This sign describes the analysis of tree rings. Chloe also examines her journal during the second dream sequence. All of her dream sequences feature unique drawings.
Chloe has to decide whether she’ll fight back. If she does, she can knee the thugs in the crotch. She has already kneed Nathan once in the first episode of the main game. Alternatively, she can hit the man-cow.
Telling Frank that you are aware of Rachel
In the finale of “Life is Strange,” Max has an opportunity to talk to Frank in the diner. He gives him the option of telling him the truth about Rachel, which makes Frank feel guilty, but it also puts him in a bad mental state.
First, you need to talk to Frank in his booth. When you do this, he will take his keys and belongings from his table. If you don’t get them, you can rewind the time and get them back. Now you can use Chloe’s abilities to look for evidence inside the RV.
The second way to get Frank’s keys is to talk to Nathan. This will give you vital information about Frank and Rachel. The police officer will comment on how Frank loves animals. This will give you a good opportunity to ask questions about Frank and Rachel.
Telling Frank that you know Rachel will make him feel more aggressive. You can also use David’s gun to shoot Frank. Using the gun can also help de-escalate the situation. However, Chloe is more likely to get a gun when she’s near the front door.
In 1988, the situation is bleak, but the situation could get worse. After all, he has moved into Chloe’s room. Rachel is a musician and likes to listen to music. He knows what people need to hear and is practically psychic. You can also tell that Frank is a sucker for books about music. He also has a college degree in music therapy.

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