How to Do the Elder Scroll Puzzle in The Elder Scrolls Online

In the Elder Scrolls Online, there are many ways to complete the puzzles. One way is to collect the Runed Lexicon, which can be found in the Tower of Mzark. Another way is to find the Septimus Signus in the Ice Fields. Here are some simple steps to complete these tasks.
Discerning the Transmundane quest
Discerning the Transmundanes is a quest that can be completed in The Elder Scrolls V. This quest requires you to find the lexicon and speak with Septimus Signus, an outpost located in the northern ice fields. He will then give you further work that will help you in completing this quest. You must kill characters of all races, find their bodies, and gather their blood to give him the necessary information.
After you complete the quest, you will meet Septimus Signus, a Dwemer wizard, who will tell you where to find the Elder Scroll. He will give you two items that will help you in completing this quest: the Attunement Sphere, which is a part of the main quest, and the Blank Lexicon, which is part of the Daedric Quest. This quest is only accessible to players who are level 15 or higher.
The quest marker will take you to the Tower of Mzark, where you will meet Falmer and Dwarven Centurions. You can either fight them or sneak past them to reach the Elder Scroll. You will have to go through the doors in front of you, and go up the ramps on the left and right. Once you find it, you will need to insert the Blank Lexicon into the controls.
The Elder Scroll is found in the receptacle and you must place the Lexicon in it. Once the Elder Scroll is in place, you can speak with Urag. He will tell you that you can talk to the Elders when you complete the quest.
Collecting the Runed Lexicon
First, you must activate the Lexicon Receptable, which is provided by Septimus. It is located at the center of a room with 5 pedestals. The first three pedestals are lit. To activate button B, press button D four times. After that, the blank lexicon will begin to glow and rotate. Press button A to lower the crystal, which will then settle onto the platform in the center of the room. You will then be able to see an Elder Scroll.
The Runed Lexicon is found by visiting a cave in northeastern Reach. You can also head to Liar’s Retreat, located southwest of Cliffside Retreat. The second location is Alftand Cathedral, where you can find Falmer corpses.
After completing this quest, you need to speak to Septimus Signus. He will tell you to speak with him to acquire the Elder Scrolls. Urag will also give you a quest item, which you can use to leave Skyrim.
The Runed Lexicon can be found in many places in the game. When you collect it, you can use it to solve a puzzle in the Elder Scroll. It is a great way to learn new spells and learn about the Elder Scrolls. However, you need to be careful because you should not lose it, as it may contain important information. This is especially important if you’re not very experienced in the game.
Finding Septimus Signus in the Ice Fields
Septimus Signus is an Elder Scrolls expert and you can find his outpost in the Ice Fields north of Winterhold. This quest is fairly easy to do but will require you to travel down from the heights of the College of Winterhold. Be sure to be careful when you are there, as there are sabre cats that can do a lot of damage.
When you enter the ice cave where Septimus lives, you will notice an ancient door. You can’t use the door to go up and talk to Septimus, but you can go inside to talk to him. If you do so, he’ll give you two quest items. One of these is an Attunement Sphere which is needed to open the Dwemer ruins. The other item is a Lexicon which will help you find the Elder Scrolls.
You must be at least level 15 before you can speak to Septimus Signus. If you’re below level 15, he will dismiss you. He will also give you a special item that allows you to collect five different types of blood. This will give you a great advantage in your quests in the Ice Fields of Elder Scrolls.
The next step in this quest is to travel to the College of Winterhold, which is north of the Ice Fields. You can also travel to this place through the main storyline. The black mountain where Septimus Signus lives is located nearby.
To begin the quest of Discerning the Transmundane, you must talk to Septimus Signus. You can find him by traveling north from the College of Winterhold. After passing the Sky Haven Temple, an icon should appear on your screen.
Finding the Oculory in the Tower of Mzark
The Oculory is a mysterious device created by the Dwemer. It allows you to read the Elder Scrolls and extract information from the Blank Lexicon. It has a raised podium with several buttons and a receptacle in which you place the lexicon.
The puzzle is part of the main story quest. Once you reach the start of the quest, you must activate the buttons on the pedestals. First, you must activate the button on the left. When you do this, the other two pedestals will activate. The button to the left of the middle pedestal will glow.
You can also use the tower’s lift. It can be accessed from either Dawnstar or Blackreach. There are a few ways to bypass the tower, but the easiest way is to travel to Dawnstar. You can also use a glitch where you can use a platter to pass through walls.
Next, you need to find the Attunement Sphere. This will grant you access to the Falmer citadel and Sinderion’s lab. This will allow you to get access to the rest of the Tower of Mzark. And if you have the Attunement Sphere, you can also enter Blackreach.
Unlocking the Dwarven Elevator in Blackreach
To unlock the Dwarven Elevator in the Blackreach area, the first step is to locate the signus. Then, proceed to the southwest to the tower of Mzark. Here, you will find a huge dwarven contraption, which you need to unlock in order to access the Elder Scroll.
The Dwarven elevator is located near the entrance of Blackreach, east of Irkngthand. Once you have accessed the building, you can go inside using the command coc. Alternatively, you can use the cell number 01 to enter the building.
The Dwarven mechanism is located in the middle of the room. When you activate it, you will be able to enter the Blackreach area. There, you can sell treasures in the Alftand Animonculory area and unlock the Dwarven elevator.
Besides the dwarven elevator, you can also find several other dwarven ruins that you can visit in Blackreach. The first one is the Alftand Animonculory, a large dwarven ruin southwest of Winterhold. Here, you must be careful as there are dwarven spiders and spheres in the area, so be careful.
The Blackreach lift is located north-northeast of the Derelict Pumphouse. To reach it, you must lower the spears that are blocking access and activate the button on the sculpted metal head in front of the lift. Once you have done this, you can use the lever to open the gate. Afterwards, the lift may appear cleared on your map.
Another way to unlock the Dwarven Elevator is by using the Attunement Sphere. This sphere can be used to bypass the barrier in Blackreach. If you place the Attunement Sphere in the mechanism, it will open the passage below the floor and give you access to Blackreach.

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