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The May Day maze can be completed once for free. The ticket is a one-time-use deal and is given to you by Isabelle at the beginning of the event. You will then be directed to the airport where you will meet Orville. He will tell you that Tom Nook left you a ticket and give it to you for free.
Nook Miles ticket
The latest update to Animal Crossing: New Horizons adds a May Day festival to the calendar. While the celebration isn’t meant to be a jab at International Workers Day, it does celebrate the arrival of spring. It will also introduce a familiar character to the series, as well as a new off-island excursion.
Once you’ve purchased your Nook Miles ticket, you’ll need to use it to get to the maze island. The ticket only works once, so you won’t be able to use it more than once. You’ll only be able to use it to get to the special May Day destination. There are a few restrictions to this, though. First, you can’t bring anything in your pockets. In addition, you won’t be able to get back to the island again unless you’re a Nook Miles member.
The May Day maze is a challenge. To complete it, you need to gather enough fruit, rocks, and trees to complete it. In addition to the fruits and flowers, you’ll need to collect Bell Vouchers to make your way through the maze. If you’re stuck, you can ask Wilbur the dodo to help you out or call rescue services to help you. In the end, you’ll receive a special reward for completing the maze.
If you’ve been thinking of playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you can celebrate the first day of May by celebrating it with the new event. The May Day maze will be available from April 29 to May 7. To get the ticket, visit Tom Nook in Resident Services and talk to him. Tom will give you a May Day Ticket, which will grant you access to the hedge maze island for a limited time.
The May Day maze can be completed only once a year. Each Nook Miles ticket costs 10,000 Bells, and the game requires a number of Nook Miles to complete. After you complete the maze, you’ll receive a letter from Rover thanking you for your hard work. This letter will also include a photo of Rover.
Crafting station
You can now complete the May Day maze in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, a new challenge in the Animal Crossing series. To get to the maze, you will need to complete several tasks and collect specific objects. After completing all of them, you will receive the rewards, including Bell Vouchers.
To complete the maze, you will need to cut down three trees in a row. When you finish the maze, you will be rewarded with four Bell Vouchers. In addition, you will find Rover, who helped you make characters in previous Animal Crossing games, and he will give you his briefcase, which you can use as proof that you completed the maze. This briefcase also contains three extra fruits and a shovel. There are also five extra bell vouchers in the briefcase.
As a bonus, you will also be able to complete the May Day maze in New Horizons until May 7. You will need to travel around the maze despite the fact that it is filled with dead ends and countless puzzles. However, once you do, you will be rewarded with a special hat and Bell Vouchers. While you’re at it, you should also check out the new quest, titled “The May Day Maze,” which gives you the opportunity to collect a limited number of Bell Vouchers and use them for crafting.
The new may day maze can be completed with a few different tools. Firstly, you’ll need a Ticket for the May Day event, which is given by Tom Nook in the resident services building. Once you have it, you can redeem it at the airport to take the maze tour.
In the first maze, you will need to dig up a bush. Digging up the bush will allow you to find native fruits, which you can eat by using your shovel. There will also be many holes in the maze, which you will need to jump over.
Worn Axe
In may day maze animal crossing, the Worn Axe is a weapon that you will be able to use for cutting down trees and clearing pathways. The axe is useless for breaking rocks and breaking wood, but it is an essential tool for chopping down trees. In addition to its uses as a weapon, the Worn Axe can also be used for gathering fruits and clearing paths.
You can find materials throughout the maze. To obtain the Worn Axe, you must first jump over the third hole. You will need to use it to chop down a tree, a stump, and two pieces of fruit before moving on to the next area.
You can also use the Worn Axe to climb a tree and collect fruit. In addition, it can be used to dig out a shrub and climb over a cliff. Another use for the Worn Axe is for jumping over water. However, you should use it carefully and with care, as the Worn Axe can break a tree or a rock.
After using your Worn Axe, you can collect Iron Nuggets and other necessary items. In addition, you can also obtain DIY recipes by eating two fruits and breaking a rock. The Worn Axe is useful for cutting down 3 trees and collecting three iron nuggets.
To progress through the maze, the player must clear three shrubs and trees. If he is able to do so, he will earn four bell vouchers. The final task requires him to chop down three trees. If you manage to clear three trees, you will be able to save the fruits you ate.
The May Day maze requires players to understand the terrain. They will have to use their tools and abilities to make the journey through the maze successfully. The maze also contains holes. Players should walk up to these holes in order to pass through them. The first hole is located directly north of the player. After this, the next three holes will be located to your right. You can then continue this way until you are over these three holes.
The Worn Axe is a new item in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It can only be used on the May Day island. The Worn Axe is the best weapon in the maze. However, you cannot use it on any other island unless it is marked as your Best Friend.
Return to Rover
In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, you must complete the May Day maze in order to win a prize. This maze involves cutting down three trees in a row. Once completed, you’ll be rewarded with four Bell Vouchers and Rover’s Briefcase. Unlike previous Animal Crossing games, this briefcase has no actual use, but it does serve as a proof of completion. In addition, it contains three extra fruits, a shovel, and five extra bell vouchers.
The May Day maze is a unique feature of the Animal Crossing games. In the game, players can solve it by using a guide. The guide helps players navigate the maze and earn Bell vouchers for the game. Luckily, it’s not impossible to beat the maze on your own, though it might be difficult to get it right. If you want to make the maze a fun challenge, it’s possible to get a copy of the guide from the Tom Nook.
When you complete the maze, you can claim the prize, which is a special character named Rover. You’ll be greeted by Rover at the end of the maze. Upon receiving the item, you can take a picture of it and then post it on Facebook or Twitter to share with your friends.
In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you’ll find May Day islands, which feature hedge mazes and hidden rewards. You’ll also find fan-favorite Rover on the islands. By completing a May Day maze, you’ll earn four to eight Bells Vouchers.
To complete the maze, you’ll need a shovel, fruit, and a tree. This maze requires you to carefully evaluate your resources, including resources like food and water. The maze is difficult and requires a lot of patience. Here are a few tips to get you started.
Once you’ve completed the maze, you’ll receive a briefcase with a picture of Rover. In addition to this, you can dig up bushes to earn four Bell Vouchers, and by running around the left side of the maze, you can destroy three rocks. You can also gather up four more Bell Vouchers by eating fruits.

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